Technical Assessments

Performance matters

To minimize costly business interruptions, companies must first understand why and how often performance issues arise in their enterprise. To do so, many have used NetSphere Strategies' internally developed technical assessments to provide independent, expert evaluations of the current state of their website, be it the checkout process, the user experience, individual product pages or the overall shopping cart.

Using our site speed and performance assessment as an example, NetSphere Strategies’ internally developed process assesses and evaluates:

  • Proper installation, configuration and deployment of load balancers, application servers, web servers, messaging systems, commerce and database servers.
  • Proper configuration and deployment of your production, staging and development environments.
  • Proper configuration and deployment of your application clusters for high-availability, fail-over and load-bearing performance optimization.
  • Capability for high levels of traffic through stress-testing your applications to determine breaking points and where bottlenecks occur.

When online businesses utilize the NetSphere Strategies assessments, they can quickly get back to making online revenue instead of wondering what’s bleeding their well dry.

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