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As a full-lifecycle Certified WebSphere Commerce IBM Business Partner, NetSphere Strategies can help you leverage the same eCommerce engine that Target, Allen Edmonds and Bass Pro Shops rely on. Considered by Gartner as the leader in eCommerce solutions, IBM’s WebSphere Commerce gets high marks for product and technology vision, functionality and manageability. While it drives some of the biggest websites on the web, it is also praised for its scalability and flexibility.

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Mobile Solutions page website By understanding the importance of cross-channel integration, NetSphere Strategies can provide a comprehensive and competitive approach to mobile and tablet. Our team specializes in UI/UX, rapid sketching, wireframing, responsive design and prototyping and can offer expertise in technology best practices and trends to tailor an experience that meets user goals and objectives. These competencies ultimately lead to better brand experiences and increased sales. [Sarunas: We’d like a CTA that sas “Contact Us” with the following tag line: “Schedule a consultation call to learn how our experience leading mobile projects can result in better customer engagement for your business.”]


About 75 percent of the sites powered by WebSphere Commerce reside in the B2C arena, and many of those sites value it for the superior user experience it delivers. With omni-channel features in high demand, WebSphere Commerce gives retailers the tools they need to personalize the shopping experience no matter the consumer’s channel preference.

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To increase the revenue stream coming through B2B sales channels, IBM embedded enhanced capabilities into its WebSphere Commerce platform that focus on B2B but feel like B2C. Those capabilities include delivering personalized content to buyers, offering targeted marketing campaigns and promotions, providing access to inventory availability and order status, and automating the quote-to-cash process. Contract pricing, microsites and punchouts further fortify its strength in B2B.

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