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December 2013

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Omni-Channel retailing

A message from our CEO, Steve Moen

Retail's word of the year

Every year, the Oxford English Dictionary adds a multitude of new words to its collection, raising the count to more than 600,000 to date. This year, ‘selfie’ was dubbed as the word of the year, beating out a whole slew of contenders. If it were up to the retail industry, however, 'omni-channel' should have been the word to define 2013. Although consumers might not be privy to the term, merchants can't seem to escape it.

The pillars of omni-channel retailing

The pillars of omni-channel retailing

Omni-channel retailing means different things to different people. To better understand what omni-channel retailing entails, the team at NetSphere Strategies built a list of the key elements that we consider as its foundation.

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Creating a successful website requires a strategically driven effort. It also requires a holistic understanding of technology, UI/UX, marketing and analytics.

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As a full-service eCommerce firm, we have the expertise to help you coordinate your website development efforts.

Enabling omni-channel retailing with WebSphere Commerce

To enable retailers to offer omni-channel selling, IBM’s Websphere Commerce and its Sterling Selling and Fulfillment Suite V9.2.1 are helping enterprises ramp up their business operations with improved integration.

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Omni-channel retailing through the perspective of order management

In today’s omni-channel environment, there are so many different buyer types coming in. One of the common themes facing retailers, however, is that there’s often a separation of inventory for in-store versus online.

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