Increase customer loyalty through cross-channel consistency

March 03, 2014 Written by NetSphere Category: Omni-Channel

On average, shoppers switch retailers when they cross channels – talk about customer disloyalty. But can we really blame the consumer class for their shopping habits? Probably not, considering how difficult it is to draw a line in the sand between one retailer and another.

Let’s face it; most big companies are just too similar in the type of goods they offer, the price structure they deliver and the purchasing experience they create. As a result, there is little differentiation between sellers. And when there are no differentiators, customers will buy on brand, price and convenience.

But that doesn’t mean that retailers are helpless in the pursuit of retaining customer attention across multiple channels. By providing a seamless shopping experience that is consistent between channels, retailers can, in fact, differentiate themselves.

Of course, the task is easier said than done – and especially for retailers who haven’t kicked the bad habit of viewing their customers from a channel-centric perspective. This single point of view erodes customer loyalty because of the way shoppers inherently shop – they don’t understand channels.

So, when a savvy shopper encounters product information or product pricing inconsistencies across channels, he or she is bound to be frustrated. There’s nothing more damaging to a brand when, for example, coupons and promotions found in one channel can’t be redeemed in another.

This type of channel breakdown happens when multiple channels are managed individually. By managing a common order entry system and presentation user interface from a single platform, sales channels can find consistency – and so can shoppers. According to a study conducted by Deloitte, customers who shop on more than one channel spend 82 percent more than those who don’t.

So clearly, consumers that purchase from multiple channels are the MVPs for any brand. But those MVPs will be few and far between if a website’s eCommerce engine doesn’t offer the cross-channel capabilities that allow for a consistent brand, user interface, product integrity and sales execution across all available sales channels.

To grow the number of MVPs purchasing on your multiple channels, get in touch with the eCommerce experts at NetSphere Strategies. Our team understands the benefits that come from creating a seamless experience for shoppers and would be happy to help you make the most of your eCommerce platform, no matter the task.

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