Technical Reasons to Choose WebSphere Commerce

June 24, 2015 Written by Stephan Moen Category: eCommerce
Technical Reasons to Choose WebSphere Commerce


The following summary is a list of technical features found in the IBM WebSphere Commerce platform that may be beneficial to you as you expand your online business.

Manage B2B relationships based on predefined rules and contract terms.
•    Fast, cost-efficient, error free – every time your partners purchase online, they get the same negotiated terms
•    Utilize the built-in approval process to complete purchase authorization across organizational levels
•    Increase sales by focusing sales staff on new prospects versus administrative tasks

Consolidate multiple webstores (B2B, B2C) under the same commerce runtime instance.
•    Capital costs reduced – minimize hardware, software, maintenance, and digital asset expenses
•    Operational costs reduced – consolidate separate webstores under a single multi-site platform
•    Earnings increase – by reducing capital and operational costs as outlined above

Strong integration capabilities to inventory, fulfillment and order management systems.
•    Utilize ATP (Available-To-Promise) functionality to prevent inventory from being oversold
•    Allow for split shipments of orders based on product availability
•    Provides real-time warehouse or in-store product visibility

Leverage built-in functionality to enhance performance and scalability.
•    Load balance – spread web transactions evenly across multiple commerce instances
•    High availability – built-in cluster and scalability features to provide 24 x 365 uptime
•    Dynamic caching – improve user response times and reduce application load on servers
•    Centralized management – control multiple sites from one central access point

Supports a number of prebuilt API integration connections for applications to talk to each other.
•    Application adapters – Ariba, JDE, PeopleSoft, QAD, SAP, Siebel, Oracle Apps …
•    Mainframe adapters – CICS, IDMS, IMS, VSAM …
•    Technology adapters – COM, COBRA, EDI, email, Exchange, FTP, JDBC, JMS, XML …
•    Web Services (SOAP, UDDI, WSDL) and Service Oriented Architectures (SOA, ESB)

Find out what your online stores are doing – dozens of operational reports generated.
•    Store performance – snapshot of key data related to orders, revenues, AOV …
•    Product sales – product names, total quantity sold, revenue generated …
•    Products on back order – which products and how many of each are on back order

Business users can effectively manage their own online store changes on their own time table
•    Marketers can test, approve and schedule their own pricing and product updates on their terms
•    Business users decide and schedule what site changes go into production and when
•    No involvement from IT is required – allowing IT to focus on more strategic tasks and activiites

Leverage the OMS to enhance the user experience and reduce merchant’s fulfillment costs.
•    Single view of all inventory is available by store, manufacturer and distribution partner
•    Prioritize order fulfillment by business rules based on customer preference, cost, physical location
•    Leverage business rules like “always fulfill an order from the nearest possible source” to cut shipping costs

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Marketing Reasons To Choose WebSphere Commerce

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