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April 16, 2015 Written by NetSphere Category: eCommerce

Online retailers that have historically underplayed the value of reviews are beginning to change their tune. Perhaps they’ve been more concerned about site design, improving conversions and providing an excellent customer experience – all of these are important aspects of eCommerce, but they don’t negate the need for product reviews.

There is a reason Amazon and eBay have used customer reviews since the late 1990s – reviews often improve the average order value. Reviews are especially important where electronics are concerned: according to Nielsen’s Global Online Shopping Report, 40 percent of shoppers looking to make electronics purchases say they won’t go through with the sale unless a review of the product is included.

Bad reviews can tarnish a brand, but there is also evidence to support that even bad reviews have their place on eCommerce sites. realized that after including negative reviews of its clothing items, sales rose 23 percent.

Obviously, the goal isn’t to shoot for negative reviews – it’s to inform buyers who have increasingly become savvy shoppers – those who dig deep for information before clicking the “buy” button. Getting an objective viewpoint is invaluable, in part because it shows that you are doing what you can to help potential customers make an informed decision.

Yotpo, a company focused on customer content marketing, has developed a solution that helps clients generate more customer content, drive traffic and increase conversions. Below is a list of benefits Yotpo clients realize:

In-Mail Capabilities
Yotpo’s solution gives customers a simple, one-step review process with In-Mail technology. The beauty of In-Mail is that customers can write reviews from their own familiar inbox, which is one reason that up to 10 percent of Yotpo users submit reviews.

Upsell Opportunities
Yotpo also adds smart, personalized upsells to post-purchase emails based on your customers’ purchase history and user behavior. This improves loyalty ratings and improves return-customer transactions.

Verified Reviews
Yotpo enables seamless, authentic and verified reviews across the entire site, which improves transparency and increases trust and conversion rates. In fact, Yotpo clients see the review feature improving sales by as much as 27 percent.

Google Integration
Automation is part of the solution with Yotpo as your best reviews will automatically appear beside you Google AdWords campaigns, Google product listing ads and in organic Google search results. Users have seen click-through-rates go up by 17 percent with this feature alone.

Target Social with Yotpo
Concise, well-written and positive reviews make for excellent Twitter and Facebook fodder. Fortunately, you have the capability to instantly turn those reviews into social media messages and advertisements with Yotpo. Not only will you be turning more eyes to your products, you’ll reduce cost-per-acquisition with Facebook ads by up to 200 percent.

Build a Community with Q&A
There’s nothing like asking questions to current customers about a product, which is what Yotpo’s Q&A feature allows visitors to do. Previous customers or members of your team can field these questions, which helps to promote a growing community.

To get more information, feel free to reach out the team at NetSphere Strategies, a proud Yotpo partner with experience implementing the solution. You can also visit the Yotpo blog page to read articles related to eCommerce and trends that affect the industry. 


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